An Introduction

Hello world

I am simply known as Q and I am here as your guide through the world of app design for Windows Phone. I’ve spent years working with C#/XAML but my passion is in Windows Phone’s Modern (formerly known as Metro) UI. Here, I can share my discoveries, experiences, and solutions when designing a Modern UI app.


My main goal is to improve the look, feel, and overall quality of Windows Phone apps by enabling developers to accomplish this. This blog is to be a reliable resource for developers to create apps that are not only beautiful, but consistent with the rest of Windows Phone. I’ll spend the time to line things up pixel by pixel so you don’t have to and then post it here. That way, the next time you noticed that your app doesn’t look quite right, just come here and copy and paste the fix into your app.

The Future

For now, this blog will be heavily focused on Windows Phone development and app design. This includes WP8 Silverlight, WP8.1 Silverlight, and WP8.1 XAML apps. However, since WP8.1 XAML apps share so much with Windows XAML apps, I imagine that this will expand outwards to include related technologies and platforms.


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