Another Day, Another Template Update

Recently, I’ve updated my custom templates to improve upon the Pivot and Hub project templates by making them more consistent with system UI. Today, I’ve added two additional item templates and one new project templates.

I’ve created a HubPage and PivotPage item template for WP8.1 XAML apps that contains a Hub control and Pivot control respectively. Both are styled correctly for accurate WP8.1 UX and barebones so you can add whatever you want to the Hubs and Pivot pages. The shipped WP8.1 templates do not include a HubPage or PivotPage template so this should make it easier to add those types of pages to your project.

Along with the item templates, a Blank app project template is included. I’ve added this because it has the Pivot styles in the App.xaml application resources. This makes it so you don’t have to worry about adding those correct styles later on if you decide to use a Pivot in your app.

VS_IconI highly suggest you download and install the correct templates so your apps can look as consistent and polished as possible going forward. I recommend overwriting older versions of my templates if you’ve installed them before.


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