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The Writer

My name is Q and I’m a software engineer working out of the northeast. By day, I work for an international company and I am part of the development team for a web-based software. Any other time, my brain is constantly thinking about beautiful UIs and elegant UX. My expertise lies in Microsoft’s XAML technologies and the bulk of my time has been spent in WPF and Silverlight. I’m currently working a lot with WinRT through Windows 8 and WP8.1 app development and I’m very passionate about the latter.

I have a somewhat heightened sense of detail (like many others do) and some would consider me a perfectionist. I’ve spent more time than I’d care to admit trying to get one control in the entire app to behave and look appropriately. Some may say that’s wasted effort but I see it as a way to improve Windows Phone’s app platform. While most will not spend the time to make things look exactly right, the time I spent will help those people save that time by having resources readily available rather than ignoring those UI issues altogether. In the end, I get to help and apps get better (hopefully).


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