Premade ListView+LongListSelector Item Templates

Previously, we talked about how we can create a jumplist in WP8.1 to looks and act as closely as possible to the native experience. There’s a lot of styles and templates to get you going that I have available along with a sample project. Now, you can take this further by using templates that look and act like the ones found in various lists used in the OS.

I’ve created the DataTemplates that looks like items found in various system apps like Messaging, People, and Internet Explorer that you can just drop into your ListViews, LongListSelectors, or other list controls. I’ve made both WP XAML and Silverlight versions of the templates so the layouts and text behaviors are correct and ready to be used out of the gates. Just update the bindings so your data show up properly and you’re good to go. The colors of the text mirror whatever list I based the templates on but they don’t need to stay that color so feel free to modify the templates as needed.

Code_IconHead over here to get the templates and check out the screenshots to see what you’re getting before you drop them into your lists’ ItemTemplate.