Making WP8.1 JumpLists Better (Updated)


Update: Want to get the JumpList experience the easy way? Check out my new controls and download them from nuget.

In a previous post, I outlined how to create a fully functioning JumpList in a WinRT WP app. I provided a helper class to do the heavy lifting of grouping and sorting as well as all of the styles and templates needed to get the correct UX so it can be consistent with the OS. While it works and looks great, it’s far from perfect. The JumpList doesn’t properly support globalization, it is unreadable when high contrast mode is enabled on the device, the performance is quite slow, and it doesn’t automatically support landscape orientation.

The good news is that I’ve fixed the high contrast theming and globalization issues. I’ve also managed improve the performance of the JumpList quite a bit. It’s not perfect and it still needs some work but I think it’s a good enough work around to release. The bad news is I still have no elegant solution for orientation changes without writing some code behind or an attached behavior. So let’s focus on the good news and get to fixing on what we can.

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